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Welcome to Investment Insurance Consultants, Inc.

Do you have life and financial visions and aspirations that you have not been capable of grasping?  Investment Insurance Consultants is a consulting firm proven to provide its clients with personal and individualized service.  For over a decade we have skillfully guided our members by imparting knowledge, advice and assistance on how to focus on, aim and hit their financial goals.  We are heralded by our members for our expertise, integrity and perseverance.

As your partner, we help create a financial and life plan that is geared to your specific needs and goals.  The key to the success of your personal plan is making the plan realistic, measurable and gratifying.

The main objectives of our service are to offer our members guidance on how to steer themselves and their family toward their ideal financial landmark.  We work closely with your other advisors (i.e., CPA, Attorney) so the professionals you hired are aiming for the same goals that you have established.

The following are just some of the topics in which we coach and guide our clients so they can become proficient in mastering their own destiny:

  • Asset protection

  • Growth of accumulated and anticipated wealth

  • Diverse financial strategies

  • Goal setting

  • Budgeting

  • How to retire comfortably and remain comfortably retired

  • Legacy planning

  • Property and Casualty Insurance review



HomeAbout UsServicesBenefitsPartnersContact Us

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