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     Benefits of Membership    

*     Have you heard of a life coach? Well, we will become your financial and asset management coach. You deal with insurance agents, accountants, lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents and other professionals. Our purpose is to be the “primary care professional”, or should we say concierge that oversees the unification of all this advice. With our assistance it becomes a workable game plan for the successful financial future of you and your family.

*     This is a very exclusive service. We can offer membership to only a limited number of clientele. This will allow us to personalize each program to the specific need of the individual member.

*     Debt management is achieved by helping clients draw up and meet a realistic budget. Our aim is to eliminate unnecessary debt and guide clients on the path to remain solvent. This allows our members to really reach their financial goals-not just dream about it. Experience the GREAT feeling when this is accomplished!

*     We believe that all our consulting clients need to maximize not only their 401K plan at work but also any outside retirement accounts. This is accomplished by guiding them in the right direction, monitoring their available options and making strategic suggestions. Ignoring the management of this valuable asset can dramatically decrease retirement cash flow. Letting this money lay dormant can make what could have been a fruitful retirement become a fearful time of life.

*     All Consulting clients have a comprehensive annual review to make sure they remain on target for their individual goals. We strive to assist our clients in every way possible to achieve timely completion of their objectives.   

*     Investment Insurance Consultants believes that your money should work for you. So we explore with you all options of investments, shelter and wealth building vehicles. This can include real estate, collectibles and numerous other ideas we have to share.

*     One of our most appreciated services is a review of all property and casualty insurance (auto/homeowners/business package policy etc). We will make practical and beneficial recommendations and suggestions. Part of our job is to minimize premium while maximizing coverage. Learn how to eliminate gaps and duplication of coverage. We can do this by working with your current insurance agent or assisting you in “shopping” for coverage.

*     A review of all mortgages is made to be sure you have the best rates possible. Let us tweak your mortgage so it is in line with your financial goals.

*     We will perform limited risk management/assessment of your business and/or personal risk. The purpose of this is to decrease or transfer risk with and without insurance. Don’t lose everything you own due to lack of available protection.

*     As a Consulting client we will educate you on how to handle property and casualty claims. We will help you receive all the benefits owed to you from the insurance company you have been paying premiums to for years.

*     For business owners we offer plans for key man/employee retention strategies and/or key man/employee replacement suggestions.

*     Long term planning for income tax reduction can lead you to a lower tax rate. Who would not want to find ways to lower the taxes they are presently paying? This one service alone can pay for our services five times over.

*     Assisting in credit protection through various techniques and by proposing the use of several available programs is another one of our services.

*     With our assistance, our members are in control of possible exposures and have a plan should legal problems arise. This is one of the things we will discuss about estate and business liability reduction and protection.

*     We are here to assist our members in the selling of their business/practice or when they are acquiring a new business/practice.

*     By a review of trusts and wills, we make certain that legacies built by our clients’ don’t disappear after their death. This service will involve your attorney or we can introduce you to an attorney if you do not presently have one.

*     Through use of our loaner video recorder, consultant members can make a visual and audible record of their home, contents and valuables. Learn how this simple action can save you thousands in the event of a catastrophe. Ask us how you can use this for gifting purposes and protecting your estate.

*     Tips to boost business profits through customer/client retention, advertising, employee incentive programs and various other avenues are discussed.

*     Investment Insurance Consultants members receive monthly e-blasts with helpful tips that are relative, interesting and timely for business and personal matters.

*     And just for fun, members will have use of DVDs for up to 8 days from the Consult Flix library of over 1000 movies. We even have a library of books that can be used up to 2 weeks without any cost or fuss.


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