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The KEY to Your Financial Future and Freedom.

Investment Insurance Consultants (IIC) would like to offer each client the opportunity to know and understand their finances.  This is done by making our software available that will present to you all of the financial data IIC tracks and assists you with as well as allowing you to broaden that scope through private entries of expenditures, budgets, personal account information (e.g., banking, insurance, etc.).  There are also tools to perform "what if" scenarios to insure your future financial goals are realistic and attainable.  Contact either Mike, Jeanne or any of the IIC staff to get your personal login and password.  Be sure and download the instructions for setup so you will be able to put the system to the best use possible to help YOU.



 MY Wealth Management Coordinator

Setup Instructions PDF Download


HomeAbout UsServicesBenefitsPartnersContact Us

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